Josh / Owner

Coach / Weight Loss/ S&C/ Olympic Lifts

My health and fitness journey started in junior high with a pair of dumbbells and lots of bodyweight exercises.  I was a chubby kid growing up with a sweet tooth to boot; so I took control over that and have never looked back.  I’ve adopted that fitness is a journey, not an end destination. Incorporating a more holistic style approach, with a variety of methodologies from places like EXOS, OPEX, Catalyst Athletics, with each client utilizing components of movement, mindset, recovery, and nutrition, I am able to help clients achieve their peak human performance regardless of their job or sport. My goal is to empower all of Barbell Beast clients – from hard working construction people, stay at home parents, registered nurses, and athletes of all types – to enjoy a happy long fulfilling life. I enjoy developing and delivering solid evidence-based health and fitness programs that does translate to success in all areas of life through physical, mental, and emotional preparation. With constant growth in a variety of health and fitness areas, with multiple certifications ranging from Personal Training, to Strength and Conditioning, to Olympic Lifting, and Nutrition, the pursuit of knowledge never stops for me.  You will find that my energetic coaching style becomes addicting and that I know how to push your buttons to get you over the hump.  Just like a Drill Instructor, you may hate me, you might call me a few choice words in the process, but in the end, you will look back and be amazed at how far you have come.


How this coach operates: