All About Barbell Beast Keeping it REAL With You

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Barbell Beast was founded in 2013 on the principles of keeping it REAL with our clients.

The concept was to only give and teach on solid foundations and to not play the hype game like you can find at other BIG facilities.

We wanted to give credible resources, and be 100% authentic with our clients so that they know we are vested into their health and fitness, and so they know they can relax with us and be real.

We wanted to create an atmosphere that was welcoming, fun, motivating, genuine and a place you wanted to be at.

We wanted to solve the problems that people were facing at other facilities by creating real solid solutions.

We are proud to say, we created that atmosphere and lifestyle.  We have been operating as a garage facility with all of the top shelf products.  We give one on one attention to each client as they train, there is no group training or cookie cutter programs going on here.  Everything is curtailed to the client, in a relaxed, comfortable, and personable atmosphere.




We have over 15 years experience in the fitness industry. We specialize in Strength and Conditioning, and Olympic Lifts.  We create individualized programs for athletes, lifestyle transformation, nutrition guidance, and life coaching, for those that want to find their purpose and produce longevity in one’s self.

We believe that coaching with a passion, guidance with a purpose, and higher order thinking, has enabled us to produce program designs on an individual basis that has been exponentially successful in creating RESULTS in our clients.

Whether you are looking into losing twenty pounds, finishing the next race, making first string in your sport, keeping up with your athletic ability, or keeping up with the latest in exercise, give us here at Barbell Beast the opportunity to provide you with a plan that will keep you motivated and maintained, without the mundane. Coaching is our passion and assisting you in achieving your fitness goals is what we do best.

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